We are living in a world of cultural chaos and confusion. Broken homes, neglect, abuse, apathy… these have become are the earmarks of the world our kids are growing up in, and the results are heartbreaking. The evidence is all around us: teen suicide, violence, bullying, cutting, drug & alcohol abuse, self-harm, school shootings… this is a generation of teens raised in a broken world, and they’re crying out for help.

Every day our teens are faced with incredibly difficult choices – life altering choices – and all too often they’re left facing these decisions alone. They are constantly bombarded with mixed messages about how they ought to act and who they ought to be. The media and the world around them is full of backwards values. No wonder they’re left so hurt and confused. Who will be their voice in the wilderness? Who do you think they’ll turn to for direction? Their peers? Parents? The internet? Social media? Television? Religion? Where will they find their hope in a world full of turmoil?

At The Door, we see the hope and potential in every young person, and we believe we can be their voice in the wilderness. We believe in transforming this generation from the inside out – one life at a time. And we believe that the way to do this is through living out God’s love for them in very real and practical ways.

Our dream is to see a new generation of teens equipped with the means to live a balanced life: mentally, socially, physically and spiritually. This is why we offer a wide variety of programs and services – whether it’s through our Drop-in programs, our small groups, our work in local schools, our missions trips, partnering with other community services, crisis counselling or family care – our aim is to love today’s youth and equip them for a better tomorrow.

There’s an old axiom in the world of youth work which still rings true today: Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. That’s why at The Door, building strong and loving relationships is at the heart of everything we do. Kids need to know that they are loved.  This truth is at the heart of all our programs and services. Leaning into the future, we see our Huntsville Door location growing into a thriving hub of activity for our local teens;  a place that is constantly alive with action and filled with love. Boys’ and girls’ groups, event nights, sports clubs, life skills classes and deeper partnerships with local schools, organizations, churches and service groups are all part of our strategic plan. We also see our Huntsville location maturing and starting up many more youth centres across Muskoka and into the Near North, so that we can broadly impact this generation of future leaders and transform a generation – one life at a time.

Statistics on Street-Involved Youth