In a recent survey of street-involved youth in Canada:


• 67% were participating in street culture

• 63% grew up in a family that found it hard to maintain housing

   50% reported that they were having difficulty maintaining consistent housing themselves

   52% reported housing was a barrier that they wanted to address

• 43% had previous involvement with Child Protection services

   68% had come from foster care, group homes or a youth centre


• 62% had dropped out of school, reflecting the lack of support and resources to help street-involved youth to stay in school

• 28% reported that educational supports were a barrier they wanted to address

• 73% were not currently employed

   44% reported that employment issues were a barrier they wanted to address


• 22% said they did not have a positive role model in their life

• 42% described growing up in a chaotic home environment

• 24% had experienced some form of sexual, physical or emotional abuse

• 20% reported a history of offending in their families

• 37% said that they witnessed substance abuse in their families

• 41% reported that substance abuse was a barrier that they faced and wanted to address • 35% identified their lack of essential life skills as a barrier that they would like to address • 71% had previous criminal justice system involvement

   21% had children or were pregnant or with a partner who was pregnant

Source - Youth Homelessness in Canada : The Road to Solutions (2009)