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For more information please contact Ministry Director Marcy Hill at

For more information please contact Ministry Director Marcy Hill at

Drop In

For most of our teens, The Door’s Drop In program is the starting point for this journey into relationship. Drop In is simply a time for teens to come in and hang out with each other and with our caring adult volunteers. This is the place where trust is built, mutual respect is earned, and life-changing relationships are forged. For most of our teens, Drop In quickly becomes their place of refuge from the stormy and turbulent world of their day-to-day lives. Open most Friday evenings, Drop In also offers our teens a safe alternative to hanging out on the streets.

Project Serve

At The Door, we believe the solution to today’s culture of entitlement lies in experiencing the fulfillment of serving. Project Serve is a program designed to enable our teens to reach beyond themselves and affect positive change in the world around them – both locally and globally. A 3 stage mission experience, Project Serve provides teens with training in Christlike characteristics such as teamwork, commitment, service and leadership. Through this series of mission trips and training, participants learn to think about the needs of others and experience the joy of serving.

School Support

We believe it’s important that we meet teens where they are. One of the ways we do this is through offering our staff and volunteers as a support to the local schools. We do this through a variety of ways at both Elementary and High School levels, including: serving meals through the local Breakfast Club programs, volunteering ourselves as chaperones for school trips, offering homework assistance & tutoring services, and volunteering our time as an in-class support for both staff and students. Through this we demonstrate our commitment to supporting our teens and building strong working relationships with the local schools.